Matt Cutts of Google confirmed the new notifications via Twitter saying, “we’re kicking off a fresh run to inform webmasters with out-of-date/insecure versions of WordPress.”

WordPress blogs are known to be targets for hackers and Google knows this. If you keep your WordPress blog updated to the latest security patches, a hack is less likely to happen. Google feels it is a good idea to remind WordPress blog owners to update their blogs to prevent hacks, malware injections – which can all lead to a site being removed from the Google index.

The latest WordPress version is 3.2.1, if you’re not up to date your losing rankings in Google as you read this message, some servers will allow you to click the “please update now” link at the top of your Dashboard but most secure servers require you to download from WordPress download page and FTP the new version up to your server. BEWARE, replacing versions can crash your current database, make sure you have backed up your current database.

If you are not sure how to perform these tasks please contact your webmaster or Doug Levy Designs can help you!

Doug Levy